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The spark for friendship, fun and laughter
and a safe space for help and support.

At a Glance

Large multi use hall

16.5m x 8m
Capacity 150
4 speaker bluetooth sound system
Acoustic treatment
100 chairs
14 folding tables
2 child height tables
16 child chairs
Access to kitchen via a hatch

Peter Coates Foundation Fast Forward Programme Msc in Enrepreneurship Staffordshire University
Peter Coates Foundation Fast Forward Programme Msc in Enrepreneurship Staffordshire University

The main hall is where the majority of larger groups, youth activity, exercise classes, dancing, children’s parties and many more activities will take place. It is equipped with 4 speaker system (which supports mobile phone connections via Bluetooth) for playing music and secure wi-fi for accessing the internet.

The hall comes with up to 100 chairs and a selection of 14 Gopak folding tables (6ft and 3ft), suitable for multiple layouts. 2 child height tables and 16 children’s chairs are also available. A hatch provides access to the kitchen (available to book for an additional fee) for serving drinks and food.

A large store is accessible off the hall, containing additional chairs, tables and other items required by groups regularly using the hall. Access will be provided from sliding doors to the community garden and outside space at a future time.

Party time!

If you are organising a children’s birthday party, why not book it at The Arc?

Please note – Bouncy castles can be used in the hall if they are a maximum of 3.3 metres tall (due to low hanging ceiling lights), and accompanied by the Bouncy Castle providers insurance certificate.

Sound system

The hall has a sound system installed, which can be connected via Bluetooth from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or other devices to play music or use as a PA system. More conventional music system can also be connected using the appropriate leads and plugs/adaptors. The sound system has a noise level limiter so that the sound level will not exceed the limit set by the Council for the Arc. The sound system is sufficient for many purposes and hirers are advised to use it and not to use their own. Instructions will be given on how to use the sound system if required.